Various Directors - 2013



Qui de nous deux ?

14 juillet

Conte de fees

La nuit tous les chats sont roses



Une bonne affaire

J'ai pas envie...

la tete de l'emploi

L'enfer me ment

Chaud Lapin


jumble up!



Une odeur de pique-nique

Sous tes doigts







Various artists

Not Rated

Various running times

In French with English subtitles.

Films selected in collaboration with Unifrance and with the help of Stéphanie Vasseur in Paris


J'aurais pas dû mettre mes Clarks (I Shouldn't Have Worn my Clarks) by Marie Caldera, 2014 / prod: Back in Town - 15'40"
Nico, an aspiring actor with not much luck, runs into an old friend turned movie star. It will change everything... Starring Pascal Demolon who can also be seen in Number One Fan this year at the SFFF.
Shown with Samba
Friday, June 19 - 8:30pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Qui de nous deux ? (Who's up?) by Benjamin Bouhana, 2014 / Prod: Ten Films - 13'10"
When you are broke, going out on a first date with the woman of your dreams is not easy... Starring William Lebghil who can also be seen in Jacky in the Kingdom of Women, this year at the SFFF. Qui de Nous deux ? is produced by Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano, directors of Untouchables and Samba, playing this year at the SFFF.
Audience Special Mention, COLOCA French Film Festival 2015
Shown with The Chef's Wife
Saturday, June 20 - 11am & Sunday, June 21 - 3:55pm

Quatorze juillet (Bastille Day) by Michaël Barocas, 2015 / prod: Réacteurprod - 7'20"
It is Bastille Day and René has a date with Madeleine... Starring Jacques Boudet and Françoise Bertin.
Shown with Madame Bovary
Saturday, June 20 - 1:15pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Conte de fées a l'usage des moyennes personnes (Fairytale for Average People) by Chloé Mazlo, 2015 / prod: Les Films Sauvages - 14' - ANIMATION
Traumatized by a painful breakup, Joseph leaves his house in search for some sugar to remove the bitterness from his life. Based on the short story by Boris Vian (also author of L'Écume des jours, that inspired Mood Indigo, playing this year at the SFFF). Chloé Mazlo also directed Les Petits Cailloux (The Little Stones - 2015 César for Best Animated Short), presented at our 8th Winter Short Film Screening.
Shown with Gemma Bovery
Saturday, June 20 - 4:20pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

La Nuit tous les chats sont roses by Guillaume Renusson, 2015 / prod: Qui Vive - 15'
A chance encounter between Alice, a young girl who refuses to grow into a woman, and Lola, a transvestite who dreams of being one..
Starring Loïc Corbery (Not My Type - SFFF 2014)
Shown with The New Girlfriend
Saturday, June 20 - 6:40pm & Sunday, June 21 - 8:20pm

Foudroyés (Struck) by Bibo Bergeron, 2015 / prod. DoKo - 12'
A man and a woman have a date. They are both anti-heroes with anti-powers. Will their rendez-vous be a double disaster or the greatest chance of their lives?
hown with Love at First Fight
Saturday, June 20 - 9:10pm & Sunday, June 21 - 1:35pm

Lifever by Ted Hardy-Carnac, 2013 / prod: Ciné Qua Non - 14'
Karine lives alone with her mother. Every day, she talks with her father on the phone or on skype.
Shown with Jacky in the Kingdom of Women
Saturday, June 20 - 11:30pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Une bonne affaire (A Splendid Affair) by Laurent Ardoint & Stéphane Duprat, 2014 / prod: Bargougnan Media - 9'20"'
Roger Martin is a private detective at his wit's end.. One day, a woman asks him to investigate her husband whom she suspects is having an affair. A classic detective story, with some twists...
Shown with That Man from Rio
Sunday, June 21 - 11am - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

J'ai pas envie qu'on se quitte maintenant (I don't Want Us to Part Now) by Joachim Cohen, 2013 / prod: Enfin Bref Productions - 13'30"
Paul and Léa are on their first date and, despite their best intentions, things aren't going very well, until, a couple sitting next to them decides to give them some advice.
Shown with Party Girl
Sunday, June 21 - 6:05pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!


La Tête de l'emploi (The Right Person for the Job) by Wilfried Méance, 2014 / prod: Hilldale - 7'11"
Jean, a recently unemployed 55-year-old, is eager to find a new job. He is looking forward to his interview at the Employment Center. But it’s almost 5pm and all that Rémi, his 30-year-old advisor, wants is to finish his working day.
Shown with In the Courtyard
Friday, June 26 - 6:15pm & Saturday, June 27 - 1:25pm

L'Enfer me ment (Close Your Eyes) by Gérald Portenart / prod Bethsabée Mucho - 6'25"
A man is going to jail but he doesn't seem to remember what brought him there.
Shown with Hippocrates
Friday, June 26 - 8:30pm & Sunday, June 28 - 6pm

Chaud Lapin by Alexis Magaud, Soline Béjuy, Maël Berreur, Géraldine Gaston, Flora Andrivon, 2014 / prod. MOPA - L'École de la 3D - 5'24" - ANIMATION
A banal love triangle.
Shown with L'il Quinquin Episodes 1 & 2
Saturday, June 27 - 11am - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Coach by Ben Adler, 2014 / prod: Fluxus Films - 14'12 (In English)
A father takes his 14-year-old son on a road trip to a football game featuring England at the Stade de France in Paris. Their encounter with a bus full of British supporters and their hooligan leader upsets their plan.
Shown with Girlhood
Saturday, June 27 - 3:40pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Jumble up! by Léo Karmann, 2015 / prod: Les Films d'Avalon - 6'11"
During a high ranking poker tournament, a dealer finds himself unable to shuffle his deck.
Shown with Number One Fan
Saturday, June 27 - 6:15pm & Sunday, June 28 - 3:35pm

L'Ascenseur (The Lift) by Agnès Doolaeghe, 2014 / prod: Tout Seuls Production - 13'56"
The dull life of Mr Lebrun changes one night when he steps into the elevator with his neighbor...
Shown with The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq
Saturday June 27 - 8:40pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Carmen / Stromae by Sylvain Chomet, 2015 / prod. Universal Music - 3'38" - ANIMATION
Belgium singer Stromae's latest music video, a charge against the over use of social media, directed by Sylvain Chomet (Triplets of Belleville, Attila Marcel - SFFF 2014)
Shown with Mood Indigo
Saturday, June 27 - 11pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Une odeur de pique-nique (Something to Do with Love) by Luc Serrano, 2014 / prod: Plus de Prod - 8'6"
A man enters a strange shop, filled with disparate objects displayed in old cases. Will he find what he is longing for?
Shown with Beauty and the Devil
Sunday, June 28 - 1:20pm

Sous tes doigts by Marie-Christine Courtès, 2014 / Prod: Vivement Lundi ! - 13' - ANIMATION
When her grandmother dies, a teenage girl born and raised in France discovers her family's past in Indochina, and learns to embrace her cultural background. Dedicated to the forgotten victims of the Indochina War, the silent women who, from 1956, lived for many long years in the Sainte-Livrade refugee camp (France).
Shown with Timbuktu
Sunday, June 28 - 8:25pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

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