Featuring the 2018 CÉSAR-NOMINATED SHORTS!
Various Directors - 2016

11th WINTER SHORTS FEST: Featuring the nine 2018 César-Nominated Shorts

Saturday, March 3, 2018 - Crest Theatre
Doors & Bar @ 6pm / Films @ 7pm

Various artists
Not Rated
Various running times

Always with English subtitles!

After the screening, the audience is invited to vote for the “Sacramento César" Awards.

$12 General Admission for all.

Merci to the Short Film Department of Unifrance for making this screening possible.


The Winners

- Live Action: DEBOUT KINSHASA! (WAKE UP KINSHASA!) by Sébastien Maitre (La Ruche Productions)
- Animation: LE FUTUR SERA CHAUVE (THE BALD FUTURE) by Paul Cabon (WAG Prod)

In Paris, the actual César were awarded to LES BIGORNEAUX (THE WINKLES) by Alice Vial (Les Films du Cygne) and PÉPÉ LE MORSE (GRANDPA WALRUS) by Lucrèce Andreae (Caïmans Productions).



bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux

LE BLEU BLANC ROUGE DE MES CHEVEUX (FRENCH) by Josza Anjembe – 2016, 22 minutes – Yukunkun Productions
Seyna is a 17 year old straight-A student of Cameroonian descent. Born and raised in France, she is passionate about French history and politics, and wants to get her French citizenship. But since Cameroon doesn’t recognize dual citizenship, her father is vehemently opposed to the idea.
AWARDS: Leuven International Short Film Festival, Jury Prize (Belgium, 2017); Vienna Francophone Film Festival, Best Short Film (Austria, 2017); Festival Off-Courts de Trouville, People's Choice Award (France, 2016); Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, Prix HP Bridging the Borders (United States, 2016)


DEBOUT KINSHASA! (WAKE UP KINSHASA!) by Sébastien Maitre – 2016, 21 minutes – La Ruche Productions
In Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), ten-year-old Samuel is barred from entering school because he doesn’t have the appropriate shoes. His parents have no money to spare, so Samuel must find a way to pay for the $15 pair of shoes that will open the school doors to him.
AWARD: Tampere Film Festival (Finland, 2017)


LES MISÉRABLES by Ladj Ly – 2017, 16 minutes – Les Films du Worso
Pento has just joined the Seine-Saint-Denis anti-crime brigade. On his first day on the job, cruising the streets of the projects with his team, he will come face to face with his own demons.
AWARD: Festival international du court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand, Canal Plus Prize (France, 2017)

Pepe le Morse

PÉPÉ LE MORSE (GRANDPA WALRUS) by Lucrèce Andreae – 2016, 15 minutes – Caïmans Productions – ANIMATION
Grandpa was a strange guy, now he's dead. On a windy beach, Grandma prays, Mom screams, his sisters are bored, and Lucas is alone.

AWARDS: Leipzig International Documentary and Animated Film Festival, Audience award (Germany, 2017); Krok International Animated Film Festival, Special Jury Prize (Ukraine, 2017); Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Audience Prize (France, 2017)


I WANT PLUTO TO BE A PLANET AGAIN by Marie Amachoukeli & Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka – 2016, 12 minutes – Autour de Minuit – ANIMATION
In the near future people are divided into two categories: the H- and the technically enhanced H+. Marcus, an H-, needs money to pay for his enhancement to seduce his dream girl, an H+.
AWARD: Festival international du film d'animation de Genève (Animatou), Prix honorifique compétition Belle-idée (Switzerland, 2017)

le futur sera chauve

LE FUTUR SERA CHAUVE (THE BALD FUTURE) by Paul Cabon – 2016, 6 minutes – WAG Prod – ANIMATION
Being bald sucks, but knowing that it will happen to you is even worse.
AWARD: Leeds International Film Festival, Best Animated Film (Great Britain, 2016)


MARLON  by Jessica Palud  – 2017, 19 minutes – Punchline Cinéma
Fourteen-year-old Marlon has finally been authorized to visit her mother in prison. She will see her for the first time since she was jailed.
AWARDS: Prix UniFrance du court-métrage, RTI Prize & Grand Action Prize (France, 2017); Festival Off-Courts de Trouville, People's Choice Award (France, 2017); Festival du Film Français d'Helvétie - Bienne, Discovery Prize for Jessica Palud (Switzerland, 2017); Festival du court-métrage méditerranéen de Tanger, Best Actress Flavie Delangle (Morocco, 2017), TISFF, Prize of Excellence (Greece, 2017), Brussels Short Film Festival, La Trois Prize (Belgium, 2017)


LES BIGORNEAUX (THE WINKLES) by Alice Vial – 2017, 24 minutes – Les Films du Cygne
Since her mother’s premature death, thirty-year-old Zoé has dedicated her life to work alongside her immature father in his seashore bar "The Winkles."  One day her gynecologist gives her news that will make her rethink her life.
AWARD: Prix UniFrance du court-métrage, Special Jury Prize (France, 2017)


jardin de minuit

LE JARDIN DE MINUIT (MIDNIGHT’S GARDEN) by Benoît Chieux – 2016, 10 minutes – Sacrebleu Productions – ANIMATION
Under the moonlight, a young couple plays in the forest. Their game leads them to an unfamiliar maze. Intrigued, the young lovers enter and slowly fall under the influence of an intoxicating spell. Separated, they lose themselves in the strange labyrinth. What will it take to break the spell?



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