Various Directors - 2013


Pleased to meet you



Premiere seance



papa alexandre etc

Billy and Bud

system overload


captain 3D



un plan d'enfer


faites des gosses

La Plage

un obus partout

La seance

Various artists

Not Rated

Various running times

In French with English subtitles.

Films selected in collaboration with Unifrance, and with the help of Stéphanie Vasseur in Paris

(JUNE 17-19)

Pleased to Meet You by Fairouz M'Silti, 2016 - prod: Sève Films - 18'20"
Camille likes being alone. Bob, an American couch surfer invited by her roommate, loves company. She is an introvert. He is an extreme extrovert, excited to visit Paris. She hates Paris... 
Shown with Fatima
Friday, June 17 - Opening Night - 7:00pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

À Rebours (Rewind) by Frédéric Mermoud, 2015 - prod: Mon Voisin Productions - 11'45"
A woman and a man burst into the grocery store where Sylvie works. A quarrel quickly starts between them and the man storms out of the store furious. While Sylvie helps the woman recover, they hear a fight outside...
Shown with Read My Lips
Saturday, June 18 - 11:00am - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Anna by Alexia Rubod, Antoine Poyard, Jordann Jacobé, Alexis Choquard, Sophie Bracmard & Yunhan Liu, 2015 - prod: MOPA, L'Ecole de la 3D - 8' - ANIMATION
1945. A plane crashes in the Canadian Rockies. The sole survivor, a little girl, is adopted by a Puma.
Shown with Come What May
Saturday, June 18 - 1:35pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Première séance (My First Analyst) by Jonathan Borgel, 2015 - prod: Les Fées Productions - 10'45"
Ivan is very nervous to attend his first session with a psychoanalyst. Starring Samir Guesmi, who was our guest at the 2008 SFFF.
Shown with The Sweet Escape
Saturday, June 18 - 4:10pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Estate by Ronny Trocker, 2016 - prod: Autour de Minuit - 7'25"
On a sunny Mediterranean beach, time seems to be frozen. An exhausted black man painfully crawls on the sand while no one seem to notice him.
Shown with Dheepan
Saturday, June 18 - 6:35pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Liga by Cristina Pinheiro, 2013 - prod: Easy Tiger - 15'
On her way out to the train station, Liga listens to her answering machine. Her mom called. Without waiting for the end of the message, Liga leaves the house.
Shown with Summertime
Saturday, June 18 - 9:10pm & Sunday, June 19 - 1:30pm

In the Soldier's Head by Christine Rebet, 2015 - 4'25" - ANIMATION
In the Soldier's Head puts us inside the mind of a soldier traumatized by violence.
Shown with French Blood
Saturday, June 18 - 11:30pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Papa, Alexandre, Maxime & Eduardo by Simon Masnay, 2015 - prod: Arts Premiers - 12'22"
Alexander and Maxime like to prank their elderly father when they visit him at his nursing home. This time, their father has a surprise of his own...
Shown with Delusions of Grandeur
Sunday, June 19 - 11:00am - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Billy & Bud by Charlotte Arnoult, Françoise Brès, Caroline Marcel, Céline Autbout & Louise Baron, 2015 - prod: MOPA, L'Ecole de la 3D - 6'50" - ANIMATION
The friendship between a young black boy and a white boy in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th Century. Inspired by Louis Armstrong's memoir.
Shown with One Man and His Cow
Sunday, June 19 - 4:00pm - Esquire IMAX Theatre- ONE SCREENING ONLY!

System Overload by Johanna Vaude, 2013 - prod: Sacrebleu Productions - 4'16" - ANIMATION
The system is running smoothly until an unknown virus liberates aspirations totally unfamiliar and incompatible with its initial programming.
Shown with Tomorrow
Sunday, June 19 - 6:10pm - Esquire IMAX Theatre- ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Decibels by Léo Verrier, 2015 - prod: Miyu Productions - 3'39 - ANIMATION
At a house party, everyone wants to be the DJ...
Shown with Much Loved
Sunday, June 19 - 8:50pm - Esquire IMAX Theatre- ONE SCREENING ONLY!

(JUNE 24-26)

Captain 3D by Victor Haegelin, 2014 - prod: Partizan Films - 3'22" - ANIMATION
Captain 3D is a super hero! When he puts his 3D glasses on, things come to life around him, including the most terrifying monster from whom he must save a young lady.
Shown with Standing Tall
Friday, June 24 - 6pm & Saturday, June 25 - 8:45pm

Reflex by Zulma Rouge, 2015 - prod: Zulma Rouge - 5'48" - ANIMATION
The boring life of a fishmonger who cuts off fish heads during the day and gets saddled with his squawking wife’s fish soup at home.
Shown with My King
Friday, June 24 8:40pm & Saturday, June 25 - 1:40pm

Ressac by Gaëtan Jayle, Guillaume Zaouche, Matthieu Morice, Matéo Ravot, Valentin Panisset, 2015 - prod: MOPA, L'Ecole de la 3D - 5'48" - ANIMATION
Before embarking on his warship, a sailor spends his last night ashore drinking.
Shown with Port of Shadows
Saturday, June 25 - 11:00am - ONE SCREENING ONLY

14 by Amélie Graffet, Cyril Flous, Charlotte Da-Ros, Roxane Martinez, David Jurine, Juliette Coutellier, 2015 - prod: MOPA, L'Ecole de la 3D - 7'05" - ANIMATION
In 1914, during a stage of the Tour de France, the National Champion is in the lead… until he falls in the treacherous Tourmalet Pass.
hown with Made in France
Saturday, June 25 - 4:25pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

You should have kids! (Faites des gosses !) by Stéphanie Vasseur, 2016 - prod: CléoProd - 3 X 3'30" = 10'30"
Parents meet in their neighborhood park to hilariously discuss their struggles as parents. Director Stéphanie Vasseur was our guest in 2010.
Shown with Papa ou maman
Saturday, June 25 - 6:40pm & Sunday, June 26 - 4:45pm

At the Beach (La Plage) by Keren Ben Rafael, 2015 - prod: Palikao Films - 18'
Head in the sun, feet in the water, vacationers are at the beach to relax. Everyone is occupied with their own joys and dramas. No one seems to hear the drama taking place a few feet away.
Shown with Je t'aime moi non plus
Saturday, June 25 - 11:20pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

One Hell of a Plan (Un Plan d'enfer) by Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli - prod: Folimage Studio - 5'50"
Two burglars release dozens of cats into town to start the dogs barking, so they can work on their latest heist without fear of being heard.
Shown with Two men in Town
Sunday, June 26 - 11:00am - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

Un obus partout by Zaven Najjar, 2015 - prod: Caïmans Productions - 8'52"
Beirut, 1982, a city at war. To see his fiancée, Gabriel has to cross a bridge guarded by snipers. This evening, it is the opening of the FIFA World Cup and the whole city will be watching the game. It is the right time to try crossing...
Shown with Don't Tell me the Boy was Mad
Sunday, June 26 - 1:50pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

The Session (La Séance) by Édouard de La Poëze, 2015 - prod: Crew du Chapeau Productions - 12'21"
Paris, 1899. Pierre-Louis, a renowned photographer, is called to take the final portrait of the Countess of Castiglione.
Shown with Marguerite
Sunday, June 26 - Closing Night - 7:00pm - ONE SCREENING ONLY!

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