Various Directors - 2011-2013


In French with English subtitles.

Films selected in collaboration with Unifrance and with the help of Stéphanie Vasseur in Paris.


Bad gones

Les meutes

les Lezards

Mission: Apo11o



a la francaise




ce n'est pas un film de cowboys


Fille du calvaire

Various artists
Not Rated

Various times


Shunpo by Steven Briand, 2012 / prod: Partizan Films - 4'24" - Experimental
Escape everyday life with one lightning step: the Shunpo.
Shown with The Suitor
Saturday June 22 - 11am & Sunday June 23 - 6pm

Bad Gones by Stéphane Demoustier, 2011 / prod: Annee Zero - 13'
A father takes his young son to a soccer game but he can't afford the ticket price...
Shown with Starbuck

Saturday June 22 - 1:05pm & Sunday June 23 - 1:20pm

Les Meutes (The Hounds) by Manuel Schapira, 2012 / prod: Bizibi Productions - 14'45"
Two young men try to crash a private house warming party in a posh Parisian apartment.
Awards: Alcal
á de Henares Film Festival 2012 -Namur International French-Laguage Film Festival 2012 - Trouville Off-Courts Film Festival 2012 -Nominated for a César 2013.
Shown with Three Worlds
Saturday June 22 - 3:35pm & Sunday June 23 - 11am

Les Lézards (The Lizards) by Vincent Mariette, 2012 / prod: Kazak Productions - 14'38"
Léon has a blind date in a Turkish bath house. He goes with his friend Bruno and together they restlessly wait for the girl to appear...
Awards: COLCOA 2013
Shown with Adieu Berthe
Saturday June 22 - 5:55pm & Sunday June 23 - 8:05pm

Mission: Appo11o by Daniel Jenny & Stéphane Guenin, 2012 / prod: FMR Productions - 4'
Three men flying to the moon. One of them should have stayed home...
Shown with Wages of Fear
Saturday June 22 - 8:15pm

Tram by Michaela Pavlatova, 2011 / prod: Sacrebleu Productions - 7' - Animation
A woman drives a streetcar as passengers get in and out. Soon the tram transforms itself into a fantasy streetcar named desire...
Awards: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2013 - Hiroshima International Animated Film Festival 2012 - Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival 2012.
Shown with Going Places
Saturday June 22 - 11:20pm

505g by Jeremy Azencott, 2012 / Prod: Arts Premiers - 9'55"
In the course of a routine cocaine deal, Thomas falls for Carmen, his supplier's sister...
Awards: French Film Festival, Bienne 2012 - Prix Unifrance du Court Métrage 2012
Shown with Aliyah
Sunday June 23 - 3:50pm


A la Française by Morrigane Boyer, Julien Hazebroucq, Ren-Hsien Hsu, Emmanuelle Leleu, William Lorton, 2012 / Prod: Supinfocom Arles - 7' - Animation
An afternoon in Versailles during Louis XIV's reign.
Awards: COLCOA 2013
Shown with Delicacy
Friday June 28 - 6:15pm & Saturday June 29 - 12:50pm

Essorage (Spin) by Fabrice Dautcourt, 2013 / Dist: Premium Films - 5'58"
Clémence finds her boyfriend Julien in a Laundromat: his cat has peed on their bed again...
Shown with Le Grand Soir
Friday June 28 - 8:45pm & Saturday June 29 - 9:50pm

Frank-Étienne vers la béatitude (Frank-Étienne) by Constance Meyer, 2012 / prod b-o-x production - 12'33"
It is Frank-Étienne 's first day as a door-to-door salesman... Nothing happens as planned. With an all-star cast including Gérard Depardieu, Marina Foïs and Samir Guesmi.
Shown with Louise Wimmer
Saturday June 29 - 3:15pm & Sunday June 30 - 5:45pm

Clean by Benjamin Bouhana, 2012 / prod: Ten Films - 9' 54"
Eric (French comic Laurent Laffite) is a flight attendant and it is time for his monthly drug test...
Shown with The Dandelions
Saturday June 29 - 5:15pm

Ce n'est pas un film de cow boys (It's Not a Cowboy Movie) by Benjamin Parent, 2012 / Prod. Synecdoche - 12'
Brokeback Mountain was on TV last night. In the high school bathrooms, teenagers talk about it...
Awards: Festival du Film de Sarlat 2012 - Festival de Saint Jean de Luz 2012 - Festival de Cannes 2012 - Festival de Varsovie 2012. Clermont ferrand Internation Short Film Festival 2012. Nominated for a Cesar 2013
Shown with In The House
Saturday June 29 - 7:25pm & Sunday June 30 - 11am

L’Héritage (The Legacy) by Michaël Terraz, 2012 / prod: Kazak Productions - 22'48"
A widower and his two daughters move into a mysterious mansion he has inherited from a long lost relative...
Shown with Aaltra
Saturday June 29 - Midnight

Fille du Calvaire by Stéphane Demoustier, 2012 / prod: Annee Zero - 20'
Jérôme fell in love with a young woman whom he tries to seduce. Day after day, in the metro, he talks about it with his friend Patrick who provides advice and vicariously lives the adventures of his younger friend.
Shown with Thérèse
Sunday June 30 - 7:45pm

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